With smaller footprint requirements than other freezer solutions, the CRYOLINE® CX600 is a high-performance spiral freezer built for medium production capacities and best in-class efficiency.

The patented CRYOLINE® CX600 Spiral Freezer technology delivers greater average gas flow velocity, leading to higher heat transfer rates and therefore quicker freezing times when compared to standard cryogenic spiral freezers. This helps to minimise product dehydration.

The CRYOLINE® CX600 Spiral Freezer has footprint and cost advantages thanks to its new solid surface, self-stacking belt that allows double the amount of belt in a smaller box. The solid surface design of the flat belt opens up the ability to process products that are less suited to traditional weave belts, including coated products such as chicken schnitzels. With a belt width of 600mm, the CRYOLINE® CX600 Spiral Freezer is more easily integrated into your existing product lines. 

This freezer is best suited for a wide range of high-quality food products including meat proteins, ready meals and other convenience foods, fish and seafood, bakery products, and cooked poultry.

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