Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Gases play an increasingly significant role in today’s food industry, where they are used for chilling, deep-freezing and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP uses food-grade gases and special packaging materials to assist in extending shelf life and maintaining food quality. MAP helps reduce spoilage which means fewer returns by customers. MAP technology has the potential to open up new markets for fresh and chilled food while simplifying distribution logistics.

BOC’s gas mixtures composed of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen can keep foods such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish and even baked goods fresh and tasty – all without using artificial additives. Adding further value, BOC’s new advanced gas mixer analyser provides real time mixture results and traceability certificates.

As a Linde company, we work closely with food research institutes in many countries and have numerous food-processing customers worldwide. We also collaborate closely with the suppliers of packaging materials and machines to create the best atmosphere for each individual application.

BOC can deliver a range of MAP gas solutions dedicated to the needs of the following industries:

  • Dairy
  • Dry foods and bakery
  • Fish and seafood
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat
  • Prepared and catered foods

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NEW intelligent gas mixer analyser!

BOC’s new advanced gas mixer analyser provides real time mixture results and traceability certificates. The analyser offers the possibility to conduct desired measurements on site at any time and to record them as proof of quality, depending on the selected configuration. Threshold values for each sensor can be individually set and measurement results outside the threshold values trigger an alarm.

  • Precision mixing
  • Allowance for up to six component mixtures
  • Pre-programmed recipes included
  • Real time data logging and composition analysis
  • Human machine interface with dial-in remote control capability
  • Alarm SMS messages if mixture purities fall below set levels
  • Auto-calibration and certification
  • Cloud based & Industry 4.0 compatible

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MAP whitepaper